No Pool For You!

09 Sep

Here comes more structure. Stay with me. I was thinking Wednesdays could be Wild Card Wednesdays. You know, boil the chaotic nature of my blog into one day where I speak about anything and everything. Sound good?

So let me tell you about my lame ass condo pool. For some reason, the association has decided that the pool should only be open during the strictest definition of “summer.” For those of you who’ve missed it, that’s from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Now, I live in Atlanta. Yes, it’s gets cold. By Labor Day, however it’s still freaking hot. I’m still running my A/C, still rocking my board shorts and flops, still wiping perspiration off my brow. No, wait I do that in the winter so never mind. The point is when it’s still feels like summer outside, the pool should still be open.

My pool? No. Went down there today only to be met with a hideous green tarp covering the whole damn thing. Not only am I not able to enjoy a relaxing swim, I’m also greeted by the shaking heads of my neighbors; the “Don’t-you-know-we-don’t-swim-after- Labor-Day- around-here?” plastered on their faces. And yes, I have been here for three years and yes, they have done the same thing every year, but I was hoping just once common sense would prevail. Obviously, I was wrong.

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