Happy Labor Day!

08 Sep

Man, is this guy angry or what?

So, technically it’s not Labor Day, but I figure writing a blog post counts as work and therefore, defeats the purpose of the holiday. Or, maybe I’m just lazy.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d try putting some structure to this blog. Again. Since, retail seems to be a recurring theme, maybe it deserves its own day. And maybe, that day should be Monday. Good so far? And clearly, the routine starts after this post since we’ve established it’s not Monday.

Okay, did we all hear about the man who slapped someone else’s child while shopping at a local Wal-Mart? No? Apparently, it goes something like this. Child is crying. Mom is totally oblivious, focused on shopping, or wishing she never opened her legs in the first place. Man gets irritated and tells Mom to shut her kid up or he will. She ignores him and the rest is history.

In the immortal words of Chris Rock, “I’m not saying he should of slapped the kid, but I understand.” I’ve seen kids throw the mother of all tantrums while parents do nothing. It amazes me, because coming up, I just knew my mom would kill me if I embarrassed her in public. All she had to do is give me a look or tell me to behave through gritted teeth and I was cool from that point on. She had the power and she never let me forget it. I guess this dude was old school. He saw a child and a parent who both needed to know their place and intervened. Again, not saying he should have, but I sure do understand.

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