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Is Advertising Becoming More Inclusive?

Is Advertising Becoming More Inclusive?

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Well, there does seem to be more content out there celebrating diversity in all its forms. From interracial families enjoying Cheerios to the flood of messages acknowledging the LGBT community. And then there’s yet another gem from the “This Is Wholesome” campaign for Honey Maid that introduces a different take on Independence Day.

Maybe we’re reaching a turning point here. Maybe brands are finally seeing the proverbial light, realizing that their target audiences are a lot more diverse than they previously thought. And maybe, just maybe we’re all ready to embrace a more holistic approach to advertising.

So yeah, a change is happening. Quite possibly driven by advances in technology giving brands more visibility to and a better understanding of their audiences. Technology that’s also responsible for the newly-empowered consumer. Consumers more comfortable with sharing their opinion and having more power to demand marketing messages specifically tailored to them.

Yes, brands are finally discovering the money that’s been left on the table for years. And while that may seem like an ulterior motive to being more inclusive, it’s really just reality. Advertising has and always will be about selling something in the hopes that someone will buy it. And those “someones” are multilingual with various skin tones, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities.

With all of this inclusiveness flooding the market, the question remains: are we ready to embrace it?

If the first comment on this Ad Week post is any indication, then the answer is maybe not. And unfortunately, this isn’t the first inclusive ad to get such a warm reception. Remember that Cheerios ad mentioned earlier? Yeah, that one caused quite a stir.

Personally, I’d like to believe that a majority of people are okay with marketing experiences not directed towards them. That, in this case, most folks are capable of sharing public traditions that are precious to them because in actuality, they belong to everyone. But the fact remains that some people still get upset when the world doesn’t revolve around them and what they believe in. And frankly, that just breaks my heart.

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