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To Arms! IoT Is Coming!

The Internet Of Things

The technological gurus of CES have spoken. Prepare one and all for a future filled with more “things” connected to the Internet. Beds, cars and even refrigerators will gather and communicate information to fully anticipate and meet our every want and need. And from there, it’s only a matter of time before Skynet completely takes over.

Terminator reference aside, the Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly, but surely becoming a new reality. For marketers, it’s both exciting and terrifying with new opportunities to connect and a learning curve inevitable filled with costly mistakes.

IoT may be a brave new world that’s relatively unknown, but like every good Geico commercial says, there’s good news. The things we consider important now will be even more important moving forward.

1.  Marketing content will still need to be relevant.

IoT will give us more access to audiences through the devices they use daily. The content that we create will need to be even more timely and relevant. It won’t just need to sell, but add real value to everyday life.

2.  Marketing content will still need to be compelling.

Increased opportunity to reach audiences will lead to an increase in chatter. If people are tuning us out now, just wait until IoT is fully realized. Even the most relevant content will have a tough time to breaking through.

Moving forward will require an even more diligent quest for compelling stories that stop and persuade people to act wherever they may be.

3. Marketing content will still need to be cohesive.

Strategic content delivered via car, tablet, mobile, TV and everything in between will need to tie together for a seamless, brand experience. While we can only speculate about the effect IoT will have on the buying funnel, keeping audiences engaged and connected to our brands every step of the way will still be our most important objective.

4.  Our charge to use personal data responsibly will still apply.

IoT will provide unparalleled access to the intimate parts of everyday life. Our ability to use this information accurately and respectfully will mean the difference between having our brands trusted and revered, or maligned and discarded.

With IoT on the horizon, there is much to look forward to. Keep the important things top of mind as you choose to either charge ahead boldly, or hang back as strategic and mobile director Tim Dunn suggests.

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