Power To The Podcast

24 Feb

By now, everyone has experienced or at least, heard about Serial – the one podcast forged to rule them all. With it’s NPR-esque storytelling of a bonafide murder mystery, it has single-handedly made the podcast relevant again. And boy, is everyone jumping back on the bandwagon.

According to an article by Erin Palmer at Villanova University, podcasts are all the rage in B2B marketing circles. Seen as another valuable weapon in their content arsenals, podcasts are helping marketers connect, build and nurture an audience and ultimately, convert them into loyal customers.

But’s what’s so special about a communication medium that harkens back to the days of radio?

Well first, podcasts are great for reaching an expanded audience.

Newsflash: Your target audience contains people who aren’t remotely interested in reading blog posts, emails or consuming relevant content in written form. For them, your latest white paper is better delivered via a dynamic and trusted voice rather than a downloadable PDF.

Second, podcasts provide the opportunity to develop a brand’s true voice.

The planning and recording of a podcast can help combine the best points of a business with a natural voice customers can connect to.

And finally, podcasts allow audiences to make use of lost time.

They’re easy to listen to virtually anywhere at anytime. Stuck in traffic? Podcast. Waiting at the DMV? Podcast. Breaking a sweat on a treadmill? Podcast. Whenever and wherever an audience has time to kill, marketers have an opportunity to deliver great content.

So, the next time you’re working on a killer content strategy, consider the podcast. It just might make a world of difference.

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