Tis The Season To Be Thankful!

24 Nov

So, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and in addition to stuffing my face and finally going to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 (yeah, I say the whole thing, ’cause I’m gansta!), I’ll also be reflecting on and giving thanks for the many blessings that have come my way. Aw, shucks! I can’t wait, so here’s the top 5 things I’m thankful for this year:

#5 – Job

Um, I am one lucky SOB. Not only do I have a job (because so many folks are still without), I have a job that’s actually really great. I’m doing what I love with a bunch of swell folks and it just feels so good. So, yeah. Yay work!

#4 – Family

We don’t always see eye-to-eye. Heck sometimes we look right past each other. But there’s something about family that’s very comforting. Maybe it’s the unconditional love that binds us through our blood. Maybe it’s being around people you can call your “kin.” Or, maybe its comfort in the fact that you know exactly where your bat-shit-crazy comes from.

#3 – Life-Long Friends

They say friends are like seasons. They come into your life to enrich you and for you to enrich them. And then when their time ends, they take their leave. Today I’m thankful for the ones who have extended their stay. The ones who have plans to take up permanent residence in my heart, mind and soul. The ones that are less like friends and more like family with each passing day.

#2 – My Mom

I’ve written about two friends of mine who lost a parent this year. And just recently, another friend suffered a terrible loss as well. All three are currently living without their mothers and it truly breaks my heart. I know first-hand how much their mothers meant to them and to have them taken away so soon is just devastating. So, today I thank God even more than I do everyday for my mom. She’s truly a spectacular woman and I’d totally be lost without her. I pray that she stays on this earth as long as God allows and serves as an inspiration and a mother to not only me, but my three close friends as well.

#1 – Life, Health and Strength

It’s the trifecta everyone strives for. And, when you’re in possession of all three, holy mackerel! That’s something to be happy and thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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