I’ll Tumble For Ya!

29 Sep

So, this is a quick blog post about new blogs and things of that nature. I guess because I’m a glutton for punishment, I started two new blogs (which I plan to neglect and rediscover just like I do with this one): one rather recently, and the other not so much.

Anyhoo, does anybody Tumble (Tumbl?) If so, you should follow this. How is that different from this you ask? Well, I don’t do as much writing on that their. I just mainly link and re-blog cool shit, funny shit, and just plain weird shit. It’s my junk drawer blog if you will. So, check that out, follow me, and if you Tumble and think there’s something cool I should be following, then by all means let me know.

The other blog is called Diary Of A Skinny Kid. It’s basically me blogging about my weight loss journey. It started this summer with me challenging myself to lose 30 lbs, which I did. To keep myself accountable, I kept a food and exercise journal on FB, but now FB is stupid, so I’m back to good and faithful WordPress. What you’ll find there is funny stories and tips about food, dieting, exercise and of course, my daily food and exercise blog. So, check that out. leave me notes of encouragement, suggestions, ask questions what have you.

Okay, well that’s all had to say about that, so see you on Friday.

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