Pull Over, I’ve Got Bad News.

21 Sep

Patricia, Jeanine and Mary.

So, you may have noticed that I took a break after two weeks (?) into my renewed commitment to blogging. There were two reasons for that: vacation and a death in the family. Vacation was wonderful and I thank God for it, especially considering the news that followed shortly thereafter.

I returned to Atlanta Tuesday after Labor Day and was having dinner with a good friend before heading back to the Ville. As we chatted in the parking lot of Chik Fil-A, my phone went off. It was my best friend of 20 years calling. Although we don’t talk as often as we should due to life, I was glad to see it was her, and at the same time plagued with the nagging feeling something was wrong.

And, boy was it. She called to tell me that  her mother, my mom #2, had died in a tragic car accident. I can’t even explain how much pain hit me all at once. As I sat there on the side of the road listening to her try to explain what happened, I kept telling myself that it all wasn’t real and that any minute now somebody would tell me I was being punk’d. But, it never happened. Instead the pain she was feeling, the pain I imagined her family was feeling and then my own personal pain became real and the tears flowed. By the time, I ended my call with my friend and called my mom to deliver the news, I was a sobbing mess. I’m sure if anyone saw me on the side of the road, they would have asked themselves, “Man, I wonder who died?”

Long story short, I went back to work for all of two days and was back on a plane home to attend final services. I was asked to be a pallbearer and made it through with only the few tears left in me. Even now, as I write this one week later, I still want to believe it was all a dream and that Mary is still alive and still her witty, hilarious self. I don’t understand why we’re all suddenly dealing with an unexplainable loss, but the reality is we are. And now, the only thing left to do is keep Mary alive in our hearts and memories, support each other in our time of need, and soldier on.

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