Parting Is Such Sweet Victory.

01 Sep

So, it’s been three weeks (?) since I detached myself from the cable teat. So far, so good. In this week’s Wild Card Wednesday, I wanted to extol the joys of not having cable. For those of you who firmly believe it is enriching your life, shut your computer off now and go flip channels or something.

The big question: Why did you do such a thing? Reason #1: It’s expensive. For regular cable and the basic digital package I was paying almost $90 (that’s after the six-months where I had been paying $10 to $20 dollars less. That’s how they get you). Reason #2: I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. Out of 200 channels I was maybe watching maybe 10 on a regular basis. That’s almost nine bucks a channel each month. And reason #3: It was broken a lot of the time. Most of the time, I just dealt with because I was only watching 10 channels, but for almost $90, I started to want at least those 10 channels to be available every time I powered up. So, I paid my last bill, wrapped up my box, and said sayonara.

Since then, I’ve discovered that mostly everything I watched on my 10 channels is online. Hulu and broadcast station sites have filled in nicely for my dysfunctional cable service. I’ve also started blogging regularly due to cables timely departure. Never realized how much time I wasted on the weekend flipping through nothing. And lastly, I started reading regularly. I even got myself a spiffy, new library card. Those things added to fact that I’m going to see extra money for me next month makes this situation a win-win.

Will I miss anything? Sure. Water cooler talk about the latest thing seen on TV will probably exclude me. There’s also the chance I might miss some cool commercials (although Hulu is doing a pretty good job keeping up). But, for now, I’m good.

So, tell me: would you ever consider going without cable? Why or why not?

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One response to “Parting Is Such Sweet Victory.

  1. T. Budnik

    September 1, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Woohoo! I’ve been tv-less Since January 2008. It’s great! I still have internet where I watch my tv shows. It’s not that I’m anti-tv shows, it’s that watching them on large screens–either flat or boxy–is antiquated. Haha!


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