Welcome To “Green” Ville! Here’s Your Southern Accent!

30 Aug

So, I’m originally from the part of Florida that’s not considered the South. I grew up around many different accents from New England snowbirds to saucy Cubanos. Consequently, for the longest time, I didn’t have an accent (although I was accused of sounding uppity, but that doesn’t counts).

That all changed when I move to the real South and encountered populations of folks who were a bit more homogenous. Coming back from college, my mother laughed at hints of a southern drawl, cemented by four years in North Carolina. After five years back home, all traces were erased and when I was ready to move to Georgia, I thought here we go again.

The thing I failed to realize was that Atlanta, while surrounded by Georgia on both sides, is not really Georgia. In fact, it was just as heterogeneous as back home. Sure, I’d run into a good ole’ boy or gal every now and then, but for the most part the southern accent was pretty ubiquitous.

Greenville, however is truly the South. No matter how much you dress it up or call it different, it still betrays itself when it speaks. And, I’m getting a heavy dose, from slight twangs to drawls so thick that I can’t understand a word. So, it’s only a matter of time before I’m greeted back home or back in Atlanta with snickers and hearty, but forced “I reckon”s.

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