Sunday Scribblings #229 – Dangerous

29 Aug

So, I’m kinda at a lost with this topic. And when that happens, I usually make a list. Without further ado, here’s a list of 10 things I find highly dangerous:

1. Love – Think about it. You’re all vulnerable like a big, busty, teenage chick running down a dark alley alone in stilettos being chased by love who is either some homicidal, knife wielding, psycho who never had a date to the prom because he’s horribly disfigured, or your knight in shining armor, who’s also captain of the football team with clear and smooth skin and rippling muscles here to save you from walking alone in the dark for the rest of your life, but the only way to be sure is to trip, fall and let the killer/hero kill/save you.

2. Spiders – They have eight legs! How can something with that many legs not be dangerous. And by that logic, centipedes are more dangerous than spiders, and millipedes more dangerous than them.

3. Heights – Mainly, because people fall from them. Especially, if they’re dizzying.

4. Alleys – There’s trash, they’re usually dark, and someone is either urinating, doing drugs, being murdered, having sex, or sleeping in one. Yeah, dangerous.

5. Stupid people – While intelligent people are dangerous as well, stupid people have a way of sneaking up on you because you’re thinking since they’re stupid there’s no way they can harm you. Even if they don’t cause you bodily harm, they have ways of infecting you with their stupidity and that’s even scarier.

6. Vampires – which is common sense, yet women seem to fall in love with them all the time! They are not cute. They’re the living dead and they want to suck your blood until there’s none left. Now werewolves on the other hand… are also dangerous. Geez! Haven’t we learned anything?

7. Hurricanes – And, giving them names just makes me fearful of the people who share those names. That means you Katrina, Hugo, Andrew, Rita, Ivan, Danielle, Elena, Bonnie… we could be here for awhile.

8. Zombies – Not the slow moving ones. They’re kinda funny. The sprinting sons-of-bitches are the ones you gotta be weary off.

9. Driving – Apparently, if you manage to escape having an accident (which happen usually when dangerous item #5 is behind the wheel) then there’s the very likely possibility of a car bombs. And, I guess carjackings, but car bombs are way more likely to happen.

10. Myself – Sometimes I have no idea what I’m capable of both good and bad. And, that’s dangerous because at any moment I could do something so amazing or horrible that it could change life as we know it. So yeah, I’d keep an eye on me if I were you.

Obviously, there are lot more things that are dangerous to me, but you’re looking at your watch, telling me that our time is up and that we’ve made good progress today. See you next week.

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