FTW #1 – Bojangles

23 Aug

Imagine my surprise upon arriving in Greenville to find one of my favorite fast-food eateries from my youth everywhere here! That’s right, I’m talking about Bojangles. Barring there current and perfectly wretched ad campaign (mention “It’s Bo Time!” to me and I will come after you with something sharp), the food is the ultimate in greasy goodness!

The last Bojangles experience I remember (before all the recent ones responsible for considerable poundage) was when I was about age 6 or 7. At the time, Bojangles was famous for their mouthwatering biscuits and cajun chicken, while KFC  and Church’s were just starting to gain a foothold in the bay area. I remember, gathering around the table with my grandmother, mother and two cousins all excited for someone to open that red and yellow box and grab the first piece.

Eventually, like all good things, Bojangles came to an end in my hometown. I personally blamed it on Hardee’s and the California Raisins. Even after other chains stole the fried chicken game, Bojangles still had their biscuits. Hardees, whose biscuits were never really that great, seized on a golden marketing opportunity with a fruitful version of Motown and the rest was history. I even remember throwing a fit when my mom tried to go to Bojangles instead of Hardees all because I had to collect every California Raisins figurine I could get my hands on.

Since I hadn’t ran into a Bojangles before now, I considered them to be long gone. When I moved to Winston-Salem, NC there was no Bojangles (only Biscuitville, which is very delicious by the way). Atlanta had a knock-off called Mrs. Winners which wasn’t even close. But now, my heart warms (and my arteries clog) knowing that I can still enjoy a delicious cajun filet biscuit or some greasy chicken anytime I want. Thanks Greenville.

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One response to “FTW #1 – Bojangles

  1. TheBlackoutBlog

    August 26, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    I grew up in Columbia, and I LOVED Bojangles! My stomach can’t really handle fast food anymore, but I may have to get a bo-berry biscuit next time I’m down south.

    And there’s one in Brooklyn. Or at least there was 4 years ago. So random!


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