Welcome to “Green” Ville!

16 Aug

So, another thing that I’ve been meaning to do, but never getting around to is starting a new segment on my current location. I’ve been in Greenville, SC for almost nine months and I’ve quickly notice that things are a little different here. The place is taking some getting use to, but I’m getting there.

After living in Atlanta for 3 years,I hadn’t realized how used to certain things I was until I moved here. This, of course has created some rather interesting WTF moments which I would like to share here.

WTF #1: Speed Limits

Anyone whose from Atlanta or has lived there for an extended period of time, knows that while the city has speed limits, they are rarely followed. And a limit 35 mph or lower is virtually unheard of  ( unless you’re in a school zone and then you know, 35 really breaks your balls).

In Greenville, the highest speed you can go legally is 60 mph. Now, let’s take a second and let that marinate…… Yeah, WTF?! Here I am, used to doing 75  at least to keep from getting run over, having to break it down so I don’t get pulled over by the cops who actually patrol the highways! Totally blows my mind.

And you want to know something else? A vast majority of the people here actually follow  the speed limit (or worse, go below it. Those folks piss me off!). In Atlanta, you speed because one, the cops are scarce (well, maybe not in Dekalb and Cobb counties because those folks don’t have anything better to do) and because everyone else is speeding, so you feel it’s okay. Here, I feel bad for giving myself a 5 mph cushion. I mean, can I get a group of speed demons to help me out just this once?

After almost nine months however, I’m finally starting to drive more slowly, which is only a problem when I go back to ATL. It takes so much effort to will myself to press the accelerator when I reach one set of city limits and ease up when I enter another. But, whattaya gonna do, eh?

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