Sunday Scribblings #227 – Half-way

08 Aug

So, this week’s Sunday Scribblings reminded me of a poem I once wrote called “Mending.” The first draft was written my junior year in college and it was finally printed in its current form in a book of poetry completed as a graduate (or more like post-secondary) school project. Enjoy and click the pic above to explore more Sunday Scribblings. It’s a pretty awesome blog.


Chasms exist between people

and sometimes,

people build bridges

to come together.

We did that.

We built a magnificent bridge,

and everyday

the gap between us


One day,

either by intention or accident,

flames consumed our bridge.

It seemed irreplaceable,

but I found planks,

sturdy enough to bear

the weight of forgiveness.

I ventured out

on a burned bridge,

trapped between

forgiving and being forgiven,

trusting and being trusted,

loving you and being loved

in return.

I await the day,

I find you

venturing towads me,

realizing what we once had

was not fleeting.

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One response to “Sunday Scribblings #227 – Half-way

  1. Marsha

    August 11, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    oh, lovely sentiment. “planks sturdy enough to bear the weight of foregiveness…” I can just imagine how sturdy those have to be to hold your feelings; they might have been balsa wood for the other person though. I hope a new bridge was built.


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