Are You Safe In Your Home, White Lady?

20 Mar

He probably stole that shirt and the headset to impress that girl.

So, it’s not Friday. Apologize for that. Friday was a particularly rough day only made better by the fact that it was the beginning of a beautiful weekend. So, Saturday’s Adventure in Advertising is brought to you by Brinks Home Security.

I’m not really a fan of these ads. Never have they once convinced me to buy a home security system. Today, I thought about why and figured it’s because I’m not a white, suburban housewife. Kudos to Brinks for not portraying any African-Americans. That’s both a dig and compliment, because if there were any blacks in their commercials, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be playing the roll of a) victim or  b) telephone operator/knight in shining armor (apparently, women operators can’t provide that reassuring calm of a male voice). Perhaps, Brinks is just waiting for their minority-run agency to come up with something just as clever for the “urban” market.

Click the link to enjoy the SNL parody and the mash-up. While watching, consider this:

a) What would a Brinks Home Security ad look like if it was set in the projects instead of the suburbs?

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