Retail Is Hell (Sometimes). Where’s My Horror Movie?

26 Oct

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time the Retail Rant got a little spooky.

So, my mind drifted to horror movies while at work yesterday. Having just seen Paranormal Activity the night before, my frame of mind wasn’t entirely off base. As each rude customer darkened my day, I began to wonder if there was a scary movie made specifically about retail. Quickly, I scanned the very limited library of scary movies seen in my lifetime (having shied away from most of them because of my intense fear of my own shadow). In the end, I was only able to come up with movies taking place in a retail spaces. The only one coming close to featuring a deranged salesperson was One Hour Photo. Man! Never was so scared of Robin Williams than after seeing that movie.

So, here’s your challenge readers. Find me a movie featuring a crazy salesperson. Someone so fed up with answering the same asinine questions, cleaning up after the grossest customers, and being treated like the lowest common denominator that he/she just snaps and starts slashing more than just sales prices! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I’m better now. Enjoy this scene from One Hour Photo.

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