New Segment!!!!!

18 Oct

Okay, so I’ve been toying with the notion of starting a new segment, and I’ve finally convinced myself to do it. Four posts in a week is an endeavor, but let’s give it a shot.

Since the main theme of this blog is creativity, I thought why not showcase creative folks who inspire me , and just may inspire you, dear reader. I’m calling it Creative Corner. One, because I love alliteration (I mean, who doesn’t?). Two, because it’ll appear right here every Sunday (hopefully). And three, if you think about it, Sunday can be both the end and beginning of a week. A proverbial “corner” if you will. Yeah. Think about that.

Anyhoo, the first person to appear on the Corner is a cool kat by the name of Philip Defranco, host of The Philip Defranco Show. He’s a YouTube celebrity, so most of you are probably like, “Duh, Ty! Where have you been?” This dude is wicked funny and creative to the max. And, not just because of his witty observations about stuff, but because he appreciates the various art forms of video games, hilarious memes, and the female form. He even features art work sent into him from his viewers. Last but not least, he does an awesome job of editing his show. It’s quick, punchy, and stays interest until the very end. Some may find it a bit chaotic, but hey, it keeps me on the edge of my seat. Check out link below and get “Phil-ed” in!

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