Adventures in Advertising!

25 Sep

So, before we get to today’s post, let’s correct something in my last post. Apparently, my friend who was vacationing didn’t hear about the ATL flooding from a the ticket agent at the airport. One of her friends actually did let her know what was going on. But, I think it was still after she’d talked to three of her friends before hand.

Today, I’m introducing a new segment called Adventures in Advertising. Now, this is not to be confused with Adventures in Online Dating, which granted, sounds similar (and is way more hilarious!). In fact, I may have been inspired, or too lazy to come up with a more clever title, but it’ll due for now. Here’s what you’ll get hopefully every Friday:

-Advertising – print, online, ambient, outdoor, guerilla, direct mail, anything that’s tickled my fancy and I thought you should know about.

-A chance to offer your opinion of the postings via the comments.

-A chance to submit advertising you think I should know about. I’m always on the look out for good stuff.

So, let’s get it started with Jack and Gordo: the new spokespeople (spokesvegetables? spokesfruit?) for Caribou Coffee’s Fall Flavors. I love these! The humor is a perfect combination of dry wit and visual slapstick. The simple illustration and the deadpan intro, while entertaining, only further support the hilarity that ensues. Enjoy!

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