You’ve Just Been Tuned Out.

23 Sep

So, Atlanta is officially a flood plain. Can’t get a much wilder, wild card than that. How we went from devastating drought conditions to mini-Katrina catastrophe is beyond me. And, please don’t get me started on the freak tornado that wreaked havoc a year ago. Suffice it to say, weird weather phenomena is happening in Georgia. To all the folks who are trying to repair their lives, my prayers and thoughts go out to you.

For those readers, who’ve been living under a rock, or are under some delusion that the situation is not as bad as it seems, please click this link to see Six Flags, underwater. Or, try a subdivision doing its interpretation of the backstroke. As of my last read, the death toll is up to seven. Nice, Mother Nature. You’re a grade-A witch with a capital B.

As a friend of mine and I were discussing the recent turn of events, the one thing most shocking to us is how we found out. We both happened to be out of town vacationing when the flooding started. Naturally, I disconnected myself as did she. Didn’t watch the news. Didn’t check Facebook, Twitter, or email (okay, maybe once). Our only connections were cellphones. Monday, I receive a text from my cousin about the news. He lives in my hometown. My friend hears the news from a ticket agent at the airport in Indianapolis. She thought it was weird (and, I agree) that she’d talked to four friends in Atlanta the day of and none of them mentioned what was happening. Then, I thought about it and realized three of my friends living here who I talk to regularly didn’t mention anything either.

I guess it’s not really a big deal, since it was national news and really, why didn’t we know. And, I guess you could say we really should of called our friends since they were here dealing while we were away enjoying great weather. It’s just weird how out of tune we can be with our surroundings sometimes. How dependent we are on technology to tell us what’s going on. And, maybe how self-absorbed we really are with ourselves. Wait, were you saying something? I wasn’t listening.

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