Scary PSA!

23 Sep

The following PSAs will make you cringe. Are they effective? I’m not so sure.

WTF? So, I kinda understand the thinking on this one: show the harmful effects of smoking on the body in a visceral way. But, how scary is an imaginary attacker, really? At some parts, it’s almost comical to see this guy being beat up by the air. And, did they have to mangle his face so much? He looks almost dead at the end, but maybe that’s the point. When it’s all said and done, if someone really wants to try smoking, I don’t really think this ad is going to stop them. What do you think?

The combination of a creepy doll and a creepy child  with anger management issues and my skin is instantly crawling. And, what’s with the shed? Who builds their child a shed to play in? Nothing says, “I want you to grow up to be a serial killer,” like a play tool shed.

So, creepy, yes. Effective? Sure, if I understand what you’re wanting me to do or be aware of. Is the little girl being abused and we need to get her help? Is the little girl mentally ill and we need to get her help? Is she suffering from asbestos poisoning from spending too much time in an poorly constructed shed, and we need to get her help? Maybe it’s the foreign language and poorly translated subtitles that are confusing. Or, maybe I’m too dim-witted to be part of the target audience.

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