Are You Serious Chris Brown?

31 Aug

So, I was going to write about something else, until I logged on and saw the Chris Brown interview with Larry King preview. Actually, let me rephrase that. The Chris/Mama Brown interview with Larry King. Wow, is right.

First, how many apologies are we up to now. Is this number three? The unofficial youtube video with Bow Wow. The official video, solo apology. The Larry King thing. I’m just wondering how many apologies he thinks it will take for the world to forget he’s a woman beater. Maybe for the teenage fans who love, adore and worship him, three is enough. But, for the harshest critics, including anyone affected by domestic violence, a million apologies will never be enough.

Second, if you going to apologize at least act sincere about it. Here’s some tips on how to do that:

– Don’t call everyone who thinks hitting a woman is wrong bitter haters, because guess what Chris? It’s wrong.

– Don’t let your first public apology be via cheap web cam. Your fans deserve better.

– Don’t have you lawyers write your apology. Nothing says “I don’t mean it” like reading someone else’s words verbatim.

– Don’t say you don’t remember beating someone’s ass, when clearly you’re guilty of beating someone’s ass.

– Don’t wear powder blue bow ties that make you look like a sad, remorseful clown.

– Have something more profound to say than “wow.”

– Lastly, don’t put your mom on the stand to say that you’re a wonderful person. Even serial killers have mothers who love them.

Now, it may seem like I’m an unabashed Chris Brown hater, so let me be clear. I believe the man is human. We all make mistakes we are not proud of. He’s a talented man and I really hope his career doesn’t tank because of all of this. I pray he seeks the counseling and guidance he needs to better manage his anger. And, I hope future public appearances lead me to believe he has seen the error of his ways.

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