Don’t Be Rude! When It’s Time To Go, It’s Time To Go.

26 Aug

So, wow. I’ve been on a roll with the retail blogs, but seeing how that’s my life right now, the topic seems to come naturally. Today, I want to talk to you last-minute shoppers. Yeah, you know who you are. Always managing to figure out you need something from a store five minutes before it’s about to close. Becoming suddenly deaf to periodic closing announcements. Being totally surprised at the fact you can’t continue to shop long after the lights have gone out.

Now, I ain’t hating. Well, maybe just a little. I’ve been in your shoes. In our minds we think, “Yeah we got time. We’ll just run in, grab what we need and go. No big deal.” But, it’s always a big deal. Inevitably, finding what you need will alway prove harder when racing against a time clock. When you’re wandering around aimlessly after everyone else has left the store and encounter a salesperson with an exasperated look on his/her face remember this:

-This person has probably been on his/her feet for more than six hours.

-He/She has had to deal with a range of customers from sweet to downright mean.

-In his/her heart, he/she would really like to provide you excellent service.

-This is one of those times he/she will need your understanding to provide that service.

So, the next time you’re racing out at the last minute here are some tips:

-Know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Don’t waffle. Can’t stress this enough.

-Don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson to help you find the item in question. We’ll help, because we want to go home.

-Please, let it be just one item. Two is pushing it. Anything over two is downright unacceptable.

-If we don’t have the item, then exit the store. Don’t keep asking questions about when we’ll get the item or if we have it in the stockroom, because the store is closed. Even if we had it, we’re not going to go get it for you.

-Don’t be rude. There is a reason why we are asking you vacate the premises. Comply, and we won’t keep bugging and/or following you around. Yes, we know you know what you’re looking for, but we’d like to help you find it faster so you will what? That’s right. Get out.

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