“Can I Leave? I Left My Brain At Home.”

25 Aug


I meant to blog about this yesterday, but nothing yesterday went as planned. So, here goes. Remember when I was like, “Man, the retail gods sure don’t like me. They’re stingy?” Well, turns out they were like, “Oh, you want more hours? Okay, then.” Those more hours came in the guise of a full-time, “helper” position. Unbeknownst to me, one of the higher-ups left or was fired, and after some creative shifting, a hole was created for me to shift into. Officially, it’s not a promotion. I’m just a specialist of sorts with a semi-fixed schedule.

With any new job, there comes an adjustment period where you’re learning new stuff; sometimes faster than you’d like, too. Inevitably, you’re let loose to execute job functions on your own; usually when it’s determined you’ve learned all you can, or when your trainer is tired of teaching you. Either way, that day for me was yesterday and I wasn’t totally unprepared. Everything I’d learned from my two days of on-the-job training was conveniently left on my bedside table that morning. When it came time to execute, I was way past brain farts. I was bordering on brain diarrhea, blanking on routine tasks I’d doing for almost three years. Thankfully, someone stepped in and gave me hand. By the end of the day, I was still frustrated, but felt a little more in control.

Adjustment periods are always the hard. They make you long for “the groove.” Where you know what you’re doing, you’re used to the stress, and everything just flows along. I guess a life like that is just plain boring, and Lord knows, I don’t do boredom.

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