Beware Of Fake Jobs.

17 Aug


So, as promised I’m blogging about my job search. Here goes. We’re on month two of the hunt for a full-time job. Ideal game is an advertising gig, but the sluggish economy and the financial obligations looming on the horizon,  have required me set my sites on other targets.

Don’t be confused. I’m totally not unemployed. The retail gods still own a portion of my soul. I would give them all of it, but they’re pretty stingy with the hourly blessings. Maybe because shoppers aren’t giving up the offerings like they used to. And, besides, did I really spend all this money on school just to end up in retail? No offense to any readers who feel retail is their calling. It’s just not mine.

Of course, I am exhausting all the usual channels; Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo Hot Jobs included. On these sites in particular, there seems to be a the prevalence of “fake jobs.” I’ll admit in my desperation to apply for a job (any job), I’ve fallen victim. And, trust me. There is nothing more disheartening then discovering  job you thought you’d like, doesn’t exist. For all you job seekers, beware of the following:

-Company Name – Confidential

Chances are the company doesn’t exist. What’s usually in it’s place is another job search engine. You won’t find that out until you’ve filled out another profile only to be offered another list of potential jobs from Advertising Jobs 101. Or, that could just be me.

-Exciting Virtual Opportunity!

Usually means you’ll be working from home peddling God knows what. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to pay anything up front to realize your earning potential. And, you get to work where you sleep! How fun is that, huh?

-Entry-Level Positions Going Fast!

Yeah, prepare to be surprised if you know exactly what the job entails before your first day. Why keep it a secret that a job blows? It’s not like once we find out, we’ll be like, “Well, I’ve come this far. Might as well get to work.”

On the fun scale, job hunting definitely sucks. But, hopefully something good comes out of all the hard work and effort you put in. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. If not, then I’ll be selling steak knives from the comfort of my dining room table while I upload my resumé to yet another search engine.

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