Shark Week!

12 Aug

So, seeing as the one thing that dominated most of my time is finally over and done with, I’ve had time to catch up on things like TV. Imagine my excitement upon realizing I’d be able to really enjoy Shark Week on Discovery Channel. After seeing all the teasers commercials and Youtube videos, July 26th finally rolled around and I was pumped. Overall, not a bad offering Discovery Channel. Learned a lot about these terrors of the not so deep. Or, are they misunderstood creatures of the not so deep? And, therein lies the rub.

After a week of mixed signals, I’m not really sure what to make of them. On the one hand, I got scary commercials of oblivious swimmers being snatched up. Shows, like Blood In The Water which document shark attacks on humans. And, enough dramatic music to make the theme from Jaws sound like an ice cream truck jingle. On the other, I got informative shows like Great White Appetite and a special Dirty Jobs which were fascinating. When those passionate  “save the shark” commercials aired, I was ready to do my part.

So, I don’t know. Scratch that. I do know why sensationalism works for a venture like Shark Week. It keeps our butts glued to couch long enough to pass on valuable information. It worked on me as you can see. But still, I would like to view myself as one of those people who can be taught something without all the flash and mirrors. Then again, the opinion of myself has been always much higher than reality.

Things I learned during Shark Week:

– Sharks actually due hunt for food at night.

– Great Whites get major air when hunting seal.

– A shark repellent exists that actually works.

– There are diving suits that can protect you from minor shark bites.

– You can actually have trophy of the shark you caught without actually killing it and mounting it over your fireplace.

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