To Be Continued… Now.

10 Aug

He's Heeeeeerrreee!

Hey readers! Have I been away from this thread or what? I can’t believe my last post was the stop motion video back in March. So, a lot has happened since then to keep me from my appointed blogging rounds. Without further ado, here’s a quick rundown:

1. I graduated in June. Finally! I thought I was going to be in school FOREVER! And, I’ll tell you this: the last quarter was probably the toughest ever! In an nutshell: an excruciating mix of stabbing critique and mind numbing work. I experienced tiredness, desperation, and hopelessness all at the same time. But, much like with this blog, I refused to give up. In true fashion, I barreled through and broke free with a really nice portfolio of work, a certificate, a baseball cap, and a brand new, shiny Circus tin. Truth be told, I was only in it for the tin.

2. I went to Texas. Might not sound like that big a deal. People go to Texas all the time, right? But, most of those people have visited more than once city in Texas. For me, Dallas would be the only city I’ve experience outside of an airport, outside of car, and for more than one day. This trip however, took me to two pretty great cities: San Antonio and Austin, and this is what happened:

-I gained a family.

-I learned more about guns than I wanted to.

-I ate great food.

-I got shit-faced, compared myself to an ostrich, and skipped merrily down a city street.

-I learned chihuahuas are feisty and like to lick and destroy things.

3. I went to New York. Again, groundbreaking because the last time I was in New York, I wasn’t thrilled to be there. This time was a little better despite the torrential downpour while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Things I learned:

-Rush hour on the subway sucks!

-You will encounter street vendors selling umbrellas only after the rain you’ve been walking, running, and slipping through has stopped.

-NY Cheesecake is so the business!

-Never follow drunk people to a party in a city that you don’t know.

-Times Square is actually that freaking bright.

4. I went back to Chicago. Okay, so quite a bit of traveling. Most of it was in the name of trying to get a job which I don’t have right now, but that’s another post. Chicago is amazing. The food, the people, the lake, the overall vibe just meshes with my soul. Unfortunately, I’ve only been there in the summertime, when apparently it’s very easy to fall in love. Things I ate there:

-a Chicago Dog

-Giordano’s Deep-Dish Pizza

-Garrett’s Popcorn

-A Potbelly Sub

And, I’ve started drooling, so let’s wrap this post up. Those are the top four things that happened to me since I gyrated to Lady GaGa. Tune in for more regular posts, because I’m back! Again.

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