Are You Gonna Take That Back?

23 Feb


So, I hate arguing for many reasons; the biggest being the fact I’m no good at it. It amazes me how effectively persuasive I can be any other time except when arguing. When emotions get the best of me, circumventing logic and strategy, there’s no calm to be had. There’s only a healthy dose of irrational yelling mixed with raised blood pressure, a flushed face and sometimes crying. Yeah, I’m man enough to admit the last part.

If you haven’t guessed it, I just lost an argument recently. It’s one I’m 99.9999% sure that I was right about, but it didn’t matter. None of the rightness came through. Now, I’m sitting here seething and writing this blog. Not only am I angry, I’m kind of hurt as well. We uncovered angst lying deep under the surface of our relationship. Angst not reached through everyday scrapes, but uncovered by a real good gouging or several small scrapes over time.

At this point, the apologies and the angst resolution are what’s unclear. What’s perfectly crystal is the person responsible for initiating both. I have no doubt the apologies will happen. The angst resolution, however is another matter. I’ll keep you posted.

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