Don’t You Just Love Being Sick?

02 Feb


So, last weekend I picked up a nasty little bug of a cold. Not sure if it was the flu, but it was right up there. Apparently, I was overdue after weeks of staying up late, partying on the weekends, running four times a week, and just plain being mean to my body. But, it’s over now and it’s time to reflect back on all the not-so-fun times.

Beside the usual uncomfortableness, colds are really quite boring. After being quarantined inside my house for two days straight with only the TV and my snot to keep me company, I realized how much I missed being busy. Sure, it’s tiring, but running around is exciting. It makes you feel important, like your mere kinetic energy is keeping the world alive somehow. Then, you get sick and realize the world can do just fine without you. Bummer.

Having a cold is also the only time you’re ingesting stuff you wouldn’t normal ingest just to feel better. OJ? Not my favorite juice, but you better believed I drank a gallon of the stuff. How many cans of greasy, condensed chicken noodle soup did I try to keep down? And, don’t even get me started on the cold medication. I stuck it out with tried and true TheraFlu. The flavors are pretty yummy. Sort of like enjoying a cup of hot tea which I never do. By Tuesday, I was craving that first healthy meal. The one where your taste buds have returned and your stomach is practically growling for decent food. Thank you, Taco Mac.

Lastly, colds really suck when there’s no one there to fuss over you. Last weekend, all I really wanted was my mommy and the constant smothering only she can give. Mom’s unwavering devotion to your every need and whim until you’re healthy again is unmatched. Getting well without it sucks. Why? Because the one person you’re counting on to get you the things you need is sick, too. He/she doesn’t want to move let alone get you stuff. And, since you don’t keep the house stocked for sick days, he/she is forced to leave the comfort of the living room couch, shower, put on clothes and go out. And, that’s no good because being sick has an adverse affect on fashion sense. I know my local Walgreens cashier is sufficiently traumatized.

So, to all of you out there who are suffering through a cold, get well soon. And, to all you healthy jerks, don’t worry. Your time is a coming.

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One response to “Don’t You Just Love Being Sick?

  1. Dominique

    February 6, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    lol! awwww, poor baby…when i was sick i kept callin my mom sayin “medic” when i couldnt think of anything else to say… made laugh and wanna come save me even more….thank God for Thanksgiving, because she really did come save me 🙂


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