Did You Hear We Got Ourselves A New President?

23 Jan


So, I’m just squeaking in under the wire with this week’s post. It’s been an eventful one starting off with the inauguration of our 44th president Barack Obama. And, right on time, too. I was getting tired of saying president-elect Barack Obama. It’s quite a mouth full. Well, technically the week started off with the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Both events have now become keystones of Black history to be discussed and celebrated for years to come.

After viewing the speech and seeing the throngs of people who trekked to the nation’s capital just to hear it live, I asked myself, “How big of a Barack fan am I?” You’ve got admit the man has charisma and style. And, his star power currently is off the charts. But, there’s a tough road ahead for him. If he navigates it smoothly, he’ll sail right into the Presidents Hall of Fame. If he doesn’t, the love America has for him will dissipate quickly and he’ll become a scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with this country. Maybe it’s my love for the underdog, or the hope he’ll actually change things for the better. Either way, I’m definitely rooting for the guy.

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