05 Jan



So, here’s the story of my meltdown on New Year’s Eve.

Dressed fly, my friends and I had a plan for success. Dinner and a bar for drinks. Nothing too crazy. Simple, right? Well, it started off that way. We got off to a late start, but dinner was great. Copelands. If you have one near you, go. Food and ambiance is great. It’s Mardi Gras with a lot more class.

We leave the restaurant and head towards one of our usual hangouts Blake’s on the Park. Now, my close friend loves this place. Me? I can take it or leave it. For one, it’s crazy small. Now, I know all the folks reading this are saying Blake’s? Small? It’s two floors. Yes, that’s true, but both floors are ridiculously small. And, to make matters worse, the space is not feng shui or people shui for that matter. The bars are way to big, making walking room obsolete. Sometimes I don’t mind. You know when there’s a hottie “brushing” by it’s cool. But, most of the time it’s a rude-ass queen who thinks his shit doesn’t stink. You know the one who thinks he can push you aside, step on your shoe, talk shit about your behind your back because some horny dude sometime, somewhere told him his ass was made of gold. Reason #2 for my dislike of the place. But, I digress.

Though I’ve had a couple of bad experiences there, tonight was going to be the exception. The game face was on. When we got there, it wasn’t that crowded. Folks were buzzed and not drunk. And, the nice gay folk were out. As the clock move closer to midnight, the good gay folk disappeared and the pushing and toe smashing began. But, I was cool as cucumber.

We rang in the New Year with a drink and some hardcore dancing. Around one or so, one of my boys starts getting antsy. The snottiness is increasing and it’s getting on his nerves. I actually start calming him down which is a first for me. I’d had my share as well, but the will to keep calm was strong, the sufficient buzz helping out a lot.

Two o’clock rolls around and I’m starting to sober up. I’ve missed dancing to three really good songs because there’s no room to stand let alone dance. I’m huddled up with my boys, when this prissy guy walks up behind me. Seeing that he’s trying to get through, I try to make as much room for him as the space we’re standing in will allow. Obviously, I’m not moving fast enough, because he proceeds to push passed me, stepping on my heel in the process. He pushes me so hard that I almost fall onto one my friends. At that point, I’d had it. I took my hand, placed into the small of his back and gave him a good shove right back. In retrospect, it was a pretty childish thing to do. But, wait it gets better.

I turn back around. Behind me, he’s bitching up a storm about rude folk and I’m getting more and more irritated. Then he says, “I don’t know what everyone’s fucking problem is. It’s fucking New Year’s. One of those three guys just pushed me and I don’t know why.” At this point, I whip around and proceed to identify myself as the pusher and tell him (rather loudly) why he got pushed. He cops an attitude and immediately, I’m in his face, so fast in fact that my friend (who was initially angry) almost trips throwing himself between the both of us. At this point, he’s talking shit, I’m talking shit. His fag hag is trying to calm him down, my boy is trying to calm me down. Somehow, the confrontation ends without any physical violence, but I’m pretty much rattled. And, pretty much that’s how the night ended.

Conclusion: I’m barring myself from Blake’s awhile. This will make incident #2 where I’ve literally lost my cool and the place is totally not worth an ass-whooping. Yeah, the guys are cute, but it’s Atlanta, baby. I can run into cute guys in the grocery store and you better believe they’ll have better attitudes.

Rating for Blake’s On The Park:

Rating for my behavior:

Overall rating for New Year’s Eve (sans confrontation):

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