Resolutions 2009.

01 Jan



So, ringing in the New Year last night was a blast, despite a minor incident of rudeness (details to come in a later post). Today, I’m taking it easy and thinking about personal improvement. Last year’s resolution experiment was a personal success. But, this year the resolutions are tougher. The drama is more intense. And, if all goes well someone will walk away a better person. Hopefully, me. Welcome to Resolutions 2009!

1.  Lose 20lbs.

Yeah, baby! I thought 10 was hard, but 20 is no joke, seriously. Loosing the 27 last year required actions uncharacteristically me. Now, those actions have become routine, so duplicating the same results will require me to go even further. Like, actually getting serious about giving up fast food. How do you say goodbye to something that’s been apart of your life for so long? Since my first Happy Meal, fast food has seen me through the best and worst of times. Chances are good we’ll probably hang from time to time this year, but seriously, I need some space.

What else. I should probably start weight training. Not as much to become all muscly and stuff, but just enough to gain some definition where it counts. And, if nutritionists and physical trainers are right, the added muscle mass will help me shed pounds as well. Success on this one will put at my ideal weight.

2. Finish school. 

It’s back! I was pretty bummed to take this one off my list last time, but this year it’s going to happen. There’s a slight chance of not graduating, but as God as my witness, formal education and I will part ways! Well, for awhile at least.

3. Become more outgoing.

This may seem like a shocker, but I have hermit-like tendencies. If left to my own devices, I’d probably recede into the shell of my dwelling, never to come out again (no pun intended). First recognized this characteristic when my friend Jamen moved up. Before he was here, I didn’t do much. I didn’t know many people outside of school, and even then, I was only really cool with a few of them. When it comes to “family” friends, the picture is even more pathetic. I’ve blamed it all on school being hectic to Atlanta just being one of those solitary, individualistic places. But, when it comes right down to it, I’m part of the problem as well.

What am I gonna do? Don’t know. Start small I guess. Introduce myself to people I don’t know. Maybe accept some of the invitations to do stuff, instead of chickening out and going home to watch SpongeBob.

4. Stay positive.

Didn’t do so hot with this last year, and wouldn’t you know it, on the very last day of the year, another meltdown. Remember that one incident of rudeness? Yeah. So, my work is cut out for me on this one.

5. Blog more often.

Ha! This one was coming for awhile. If you’ve noticed, I seem to abandon this thing when life gets hectic. I realize now coming here during those times may be more of a relief  than a hindrance. So, here’s the deal: A post a week. If I can’t blog 52 times this year, then what’s the point really?  

Okay, five resolutions. Pretty good. Stay tuned as Resolutions 2009 unfolds.

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