01 Oct

So, I took a little break from blogging. Okay, maybe more than a little, but whatever. I have a valid excuse. Okay, yeah I don’t have one of those. Do you want to hear what I’ve been up to, instead? Good. Okay, let’s start where I left off. Velvet Room? Wow.


Fourth of July. Absolutely amazing. My entire family decided to do Orlando this year. But, not like we usually do Orlando. This time there were no theme parks, no sightseeing, nothing but pure relaxation. It was the best holiday I ever had with blood relatives (some of which I don’t get along with too well). Pictures are here on my Flickr page.



Chicago! Wow, what can I say about this city? It’s fantastic! Except in the winter time, which is what I kept hearing from everyone who lived there. Good thing we were there in the summertime experiencing what Kanyé calls “Summertime Chi.” The Lake? Awesome. I kept trying to convince myself that it was an enclosed body of water even though I couldn’t see the other side. The food? Oh my God! If I move to this city I will gain a hundred pounds… during my first winter. Nightlife? Didn’t get to gay it up, but the straight scene was off the chain! Shout out to The Funky Buddha Lounge for showing us tourists much love. Also, shout out to Lynn’s mom. She rocks! Overall, great trip. I’m going back, if not to live, definitely to visit. There are pictures, they’re just not posted anywhere public.



The Circus, Quarter 5 (A.K.A. Ty’s 8th quarter). One word. Busy! The lovely Tracie and I decided that we’d take three teams classes despite the dire warnings against it. Well, now that it’s over, we can’t understand what all the fuss was about. Yeah, it was freaking hard meeting with different team members, being creative all the time (sometimes at a moment’s notice), the rewrites (my God, the rewrites), but we got through with less stress than we anticipated. So, big ups to us.



Panel Quarter 5 (Quarter 8). Wow! Now, that’s the way a panel should go. Yeah, they didn’t love everything, but they told me why they didn’t like something and what I could do to fix it! Imagine that. Take note future panelists that are reading this blog. Oh, and for those of you just tuning in, Panel is the final critique of a quarter’s worth of work. It’s a big deal (No, it isn’t. Yeah it is. No, not really).



Temporary Roommate. My friend Jamen has moved here to Atlanta to take a job. And, the decision was based on a three-minute conversation with yours truly. See! I was born to be in advertising! Okay maybe the fact that he’s always wanted to live here helped some. Anyway, he moved up with only one place lined up to stay: my condo. After living alone for almost two years, I actually enjoyed having a roomie again. And, he’s the most considerate one I’ve had so far with the exception of my mom (love you!!!). Temporary, because he’s in the process of moving out. Found himself a swell little pad in town. I’m excited, because I know have a in-town residence. Oh yeah! And, with him being here, I’m seeing more of the city that I’ve lived in for two years now. Crazy, huh?



Black Gay Pride/Labor Day Weekend. I was slightly disappointed. Seems as if this humble celebration of pride has grown into something less inviting and more pretentious. Long story short. Fewer events. Astronomical prices to attend them. Even the Marketplace (you know, rows of booths with friendly people handing you free stuff) seemed smaller, more subdued and way less fun. Oh well, I guess this was bound to happen the bigger the event got, but man, I miss the old days.



Moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta. Since Jamen was living with me when he started work, it stands to reason that he didn’t bring his whole apartment with him at first. Last weekend, we hopped in a car drove to Jacksonville, rented a U-Haul, packed his stuffed, drove back here and unloaded it at his new place. Big, big ups to my cousin William, Jamen’s friend Conner, and Tracie for making it the smoothest moving experience ever.



And, that brings us to now. I’m sure I missed something important, but whatevs. Life happens too fast to blog about every second. Looking forward to writing again real soon. I believe I owe you all a resolution update since another quarter has passed in 2008. Can you believe it’s October? CRAAAAZZZY!

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