Atlanta Review: The Velvet Room

09 Jul

So, two Sundays ago, a friend of mine asked me to accompany her to a night club called The Velvet Room. Although it was my first time, the place seemed familiar due to the many radio commercials endured during my daily commute. The prominent fixture in a strip mall off a Chamblee Tucker Rd., The Velvet Room is classy spot where Atlantans can get their groove and drink on and possibly see a star or two.

The design of the club is really remarkable with lots of space, plenty of bars, and adequate lighting. The chandeliers and the wood-grain dance floor reminds one of a grand ballroom at a posh hotel. Additionally, there’s a nice separation between “chill” areas and “dance” areas, achieved by a basic layout of two long hallways side by side. One hallway is the dance floor that extends from the door to stage/catwalk area; the other is raised, branches off from the door and features seating, a separate bar and ambient lighting. VIP booths are stategically located along the dance floor for folks to see and be seen.

Where music is concerned, rap and hip-hop are the order of the day (or night). If you’re looking for any other musical genre, I suggest you find another club. While somewhat limited in scope, the DJ deserves props for showing a wide range within his element. That night, we enjoyed East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South and Midwest flavor. He even took it back a couple of years surprising both me and my friend.

Of course, if you’re one of those folks that can’t get their dance on without a couple of drinks, then I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised here. The alcohol selection is expansive and the bartenders hands, while not the heaviest I’ve experienced, are pretty generous for the price paid. However, since cover will cost you upwards of$20 (regular night), pre-gaming and catching one to three drinks at the club is the best plan to feel just right. 

Now, here are the things I can do without. If you’re a dude, expect to get no love from security. You’ll get patted down at least twice before you make it to the door. The lady you’re with on the other hand will have a purse lightly checked and ushered right through the door. So, chances are good while you’re getting the third degree outside, your girl will have been hit on at least once before you make it inside.

Also, parking is a little crazy. You’d think that in strip mall, you’d be able to find a decent spot. Nope. Most of the parking lot is roped off for the ten to fifteen cars that valet. If you’re broke like me, than you’re lucky if you get to park on the strip mall property, possibly in a tight spot overlooking a scenic dumpster.

Despite those two things, The Velvet Room does deliver. If you find yourself here for a weekend, I definitely recommend stopping by.


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