Resolution Update.

08 Jul

So, it’s that time again. Time to pull out the resolutions and see how far I’ve come in 2008. To make this extra fun, let’s rate my progress with the Super Star Rating System.

1. Try my best to stay positive this year.

Um, not bad. There might of been a few instances in the last three months that could have been misconstrued as negative, but for the most part, I was happy soul. The area that will require the  most diligence to stay positive in the next few months will be school. I’m taking a pretty heavy load and already know that stress is major factor that affects my moods. Wish me luck.


2. Lose 10 pounds.

So, there is this jinx that comes along with weight loss for me. Pounds only melt when there is no one around to notice. As soon as someone asks, “Have you been losing weight?” or comments on how great I look, the tide turns. The exercising stops, the fast food begins and the pounds stack up again.

With that said, I’m taking a big risk here by telling you that I’ve lost 17 pounds. Crazy, ain’t it? Yeah, it’s been done before, but this time the confidence to keep it off is stronger than ever. Again, wish me luck.


3.  Embrace Change.

I’m trying to remember any significant changes that took place over the last three months. Well, there’s one. So, I was one of the few advertising students that still rocked a PC as my computer of choice. The key word in that sentence is “was.” The acquistion of a brand new MacBook Pro is now complete. I’m a little nervous, because it cost me an arm and a leg, but excited to finally be joining to fold so to speak. In the coming months, the transition from Compaq to MacBook will take place. Once complete, the Compaq will be passed on to my mother who is anxiously awaiting her first laptop. See? Change for everyone!

Since it did take me a little too long to embrace this change, I think the following rating is fair.


Happy July to everyone! Here’s to a fantastic month!

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One response to “Resolution Update.

  1. William

    July 9, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Ok, so you know your mom will be calling us both when she has questions regarding her new laptop. Be prepared. 🙂


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