Review: Quarter 4, Part II

19 Jun

So, whoever it was who said you can’t redo fourth quarter in ad school was dead wrong. Since, I had so much fun the last time, I thought I’d try it again with another school. Although, there were few highs and several lows, this quarter overall was only slightly better than the last time.

First, the positives. My teams classes this quarter went pretty well and it really showed in the work produced. The two stand out projects were MorningStar Farms and Marvel Subscriptions where I partnered with two super talented and really nice art directors. Overall, the feedback I received from both classes was constructive.

I also won my first advertising award: Best Poster Campaign for the Center of Puppetry Arts. For those of you who don’t remember, I worked on this campaign (and wrote a review) a few months back. Even though the campaign was mostly visual with one line of copy, the concept was amazing. As soon I get pdfs from my art director, I’ll post the work.

And then, there are some not so positive aspects of quarter 4, part II. Unfortunately, every class you take in school is not going to be exactly what you want. I’m beginning to slowly accept that fact. By slowly, I’m referring to the time it’s taking me to learn how to summon drive, energy, and enthusiasm for a class that in my opinion sucks. It’s definitely a trait that deserves mastering before graduation, because truth be told, there are sucky projects in the real world that still demand stellar creative work. My motto going forward: A sucky class is no excuse for sucky work.

Another not so cool part about doing a quarter over again is doing a quarter over again. While, I’m really happy about the switch, it’s really hard to fathom that seven quarters for me is really only four quarters of learning progress. Eventually, I’ll get over it when I’m better prepared (hopefully with a job), but right now, it really blows.

Finally, the biggest negative of all were the final critiques. Frankly, I messed up big time. If the poor performance had anything to do with a lack of preparation, I could understand. But, for some reason the stars just weren’t aligned for me to really shine. What can you really do about that? Nothing. If I had to redo the redo, I would do a better job presenting and defending myself and my work.

So, with fourth quarter behind me again, the rating this time around goes a little something like this:

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