Atlanta Review: The Punchline Comedy Club

17 Jun

So, this school quarter, I took a class that focused on presentation skills. It’s supposed to help us when it comes to presenting our work to creative directors, clients and the the like (more on if it lived up to the hype later). Well, the most interesting thing about the class was that it was taught by an advertising professional who also happens to be a part-time comic. At first, the whole class thought she was joking, but after a live performance, we knew she was the real deal.

Early in the quarter, we were invited to The Punchline Comedy Club to see her compete in a Stand-Up Competition, a comedy stand off if you will. The Club is located in the Sandy Springs/Roswell area of Altanta. Overall, not a bad venue. A little small for my tastes, but that has it’s advantages like being able to see the stage from wherever you sit. Also, it’s pretty good for the comedians on stage as they have clear line of sight to their audience. Wonderful for picking people out and making hilarious jokes about them.

As entertainment goes, not a bad expenditure of time. My teacher is actually pretty funny. She was able to hold her own even though her competition was about as funny as something not funny at all (give me a break people. My quarter just ended and my brain is fried!) The other comedians in the comedy challenge were also very entertaining with the exception of one of two and they know who they are. Although there was no Apollo-like booing, the silence that followed a flat joke was pretty painful. The real kudos however, goes to the host for being just as if not more funny than the acts he was presenting. He was able to keep the transitions between each act smooth and lighthearted.

But this wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t point out the negative aspects of the place. First, it’s small! Although, I loved having a full view of the stage, I hated being walked over by the waitresses and the drunk folk sitting in front of me (unfortunately, the bathroom was in the back of the joint). At one point, I got so tired of scooting my chair in, I just sat squished between the back of my seat and the table in front of me for the rest of the show. Not fun.

Another negative, the drunk people in the audience. While they do make execellent fodder for the comedians, they’re also very disruptive. At one point, even the host got a little hot under collar at a group of three women for talking way too loud during the previous performance. Stuff like that takes away from the experience of being entertained. I would of loved it if the owner or bouncer had escorted these three to the door, but no such luck.

Lastly, if you go hungry that’s cool. The food is your typical bar fare, but it’s palatable. The drinks, however are pretty watered down. The drunkies in the front of me must have either spent a fortune or pre-gamed before they showed up. In other words, if you’re looking to get smashed for little money, hit a up a different venue.

Again, not a bad way to spend a night. I do have to warn you that as with the Dad’s Garage, don’t expect a consistent experience everytime. A lot of it depends on the type of audience as well as the type of comedians in attendance. 


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