T.V Review, Part II.

08 Apr

So, just when you think you’ve seen the last of Danny Bonaduce, he rears his red, well-coiffed head. This time he’s the host of VH-1’s, I Know My Child Is A Star, a competition that pits ten, parent/child teams against each other for the chance to meet casting agents, Hollywood insiders, get major national exposure, and win $50,000. Each week, the children are giving screen challenges to see if they have to stuff to be the next child superstar. In addition, the parents (all moms and only one dad) are judged on how they coach and manage their child through the various challenges to see if they have to stuff to help their children through highs and low of stardom. Winning, therefore requires stellar performances on both ends.

It sounds like a pretty good show until you actually see it and quickly figure out why child actors are a royal pain in behind. Spoiled, bratty, selfish, and pretentious are just few words to describe these little snots. If you’re not big on kids disrespecting adults then this show not for you. And, while I hate to say it (because I really feel for the parents that have to deal with them day in and day out), the parents actually encourage this type of behavior.

On the particular show I watched, the little boy that got kicked off was being a real jerk to his director and his co-star. In the end, his concern about what everyone else was doing caused him to totally blow the challenge. Instead of coaching the kid on how he should handle stress on the set, or how he can better work with others, or how to respect his director and still get what he wants out of a particular role, the mom just tells him that he’s great, he didn’t do anything wrong, and everyone else sucks or is jealous of his talent. She even goes so far as to diss Danny who gave them the opportunity to be on the show and who actually gave them kudos for handling defeat gracefully. Unbelieveable!

In conclusion, I hate this show because there’s no one to root for. I’d be satisfied if none of the contestants made it to Hollywood and were forced to live a humble life instead. Maybe then the parents would be forced to be better parents and the kids could actually acquire some real manners.


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One response to “T.V Review, Part II.

  1. Tender Brown Eyes

    April 11, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Damn, I am sooooo sick of reality shows. This is just another waste of time and will quickly be cancelled.


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