Wow! A Real Live Pregnant Man!

04 Apr


Yeah, this one threw me for a loop, too until I read the full article. So, I wonder what impact this will have on the fight for transgendered rights, more specifically LGBT adoption? The child biological belongs to the father, so where does that leave the mother? Will she have to adopt the child to obtain parental rights? At least the issue of the other biological father is moot since the pregnancy was the product of artificial insemination. However it pans out, the situation definitely has people baffled and intrigued.

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One response to “Wow! A Real Live Pregnant Man!

  1. kpriss

    April 5, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Indeed it had and first of all because of the media presentation of the subject. It’s not really a man (yes, legally, bureaucratically he’s been declared a man) but if you take into consideration that he lived as a woman for 24 years and that from 10 years he’s a transgender, I’d say it was a bit unfair for everyone to think that Thomas is actually a man. Anyway, I deliberately kept myself away from the subject until today when searching for information I formed my non-positive-non-negative opinion about this story and just made the fair remark that times are indeed changing.


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