Resolution Update.

01 Apr


So, we’re three months into the 2008 and it’s the perfect time for a resolution update.

1. Try my best to stay positive this year.

I think I’m doing pretty good with this one with a couple of minor slip ups here and there. Dealing with the stresses of school and money (now, one and the same issue) is pretty tough, so you gotta cut me some slack. Trying to focus on other things actually does helps. It’s amazing how much power a walk through your neighborhood, a funny movie, or a short blog entry has to brighten your day.

2. Lose 10 pounds.

If I could insert a buzzer sound here, I would. Why does losing weight have to be so hard? The answer to that question is probably the same as the answer to “Why does food taste so good?” Seriously folks, the one addiction I admittedly claim is food, more specifically, Krispy Kreme donuts.

Yesterday, the plan was to get active for at least 30 minutes. I decided on a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Well, Georgia is freaking hilly compared to Florida, and the neighborhood route was a prime example. I’ve re-named the three hills I climbed the “Hill of Death,” the “Incline of Torment,” and “Are you serious?” 

Having conquered all three with a walk lasting an hour, had me feeling pretty good about myself. That’s when I turned the corner and saw it. It called out to me in that red, neony, monotone way that only it can. The “Hot Now!” sign. Instantly, I became convinced that a reward for my hard work and effort was in order. Still speed walking, the sweat fresh on my brow, my heart rate still coursing at a steady clip, I went right in and ordered a dozen glazed. Terrible? Yes, but there’s good news. Normally, six of these hot, delicious babes are devoured mere minutes after they’re acquired, but I exercised restraint. I only had three.

3. Finish school.

Ugh! This is the most depressing update. Some of you already know why, but for those of you who don’t, let me rip away the band-aid so you can get a good look at the wound.

The Circus has decided based on the work they’ve seen from me thus far that I’m officially fourth quarter. Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that I left PC after finishing my fifth quarter. What does this all mean? If I stay on track with my current placement, I won’t finish school until May 2009.

Positives. 🙂 1. I get to enjoy the educational journey for six additional months. 2. By the time I get out, hopefully the economy and my skills as a copywriter will have improved exponentially.

4. Embrace change.

I’m freaking murdering this one. Despite the minor setbacks, switching over to the Circus has been relatively easy. The folks there have really made me feel at home, which only makes changing direction more palatable.

Lastly, if you’ve noticed I’ve changed the format of my blog again. I figured out a way to get my Flickr’d title in the header! It’s not perfect, but it’ll due for now.

April is here. Enjoy it!  

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