T.V. Review: America’s Best Dance Crew.

30 Mar


With the final episode over, we (or at least, those who tuned in) all know that Jabba Wockees is America’s Best Dance Crew. And, this time the American viewing public got it right! Every week this crew brought it with gravity-defying stunts, sick isolations, and  stellar showmanship and they only faced elimination one time during the whole season. In addition to the coveted title, the crew also received a cash prize and a hell of a lot of exposure.

So, now that it’s all over, how do I rate the new dance show? Despite a corny host and one unfit, but very vocal judge (rhymes with “Hazy Blaise”), the show is actually pretty good. I particularly liked how they chose crews from the four regions of the US: West, East, South and Midwest. Although each crew was hip-hop or “street” based, the style differences between them, flavored by their region, came through and made the show interesting. Because of that and the challenges offered, variety was never an issue. Each group flexed their creative muscles and came up with awesome routines. My favorite challenges where those that involved remixing other dance forms like musical theater and old school hip-hop. 

Final comment: It’s definitely right up there with my favorite dance show, So You Think You Can Dance. In fact, the second season of America’s Dance Crew will be it’s direct competitior this summer, so don’t forget to tune in!



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