I Love Cool Dance Shows!

08 Feb


So, I crawled out from under my rock and stumbled over the show America’s Best Dance Crew. I LOVE it! Okay, so maybe Mario Lopez is just about the cheesiest host on television, but to see a show that features Shane Sparks as a judge and some of the flyest hip-hop/breakin’/pop n’ lock/(insert cool dance style) groups is just freaking amazing. After managing to miss the entire season of So You Think You Can Dance, I am ecstatic that another cool dance show is on the air, even though it’s the brain child of Randy Jackson. (I usually shun anything that has to do with American Idol).

Anyway, I’m kind of upset Enigma Dance Kru (from my hometown of Tampa, FL.) got sent home tonight, but I have to admit that they didn’t bring it like some of the other groups. My favorite groups right now are Kaba Modern (dance crew from UC Irvine), Live In Color (from Miami, a city I hate with a passion) and Status Quo from Boston. Looks like I’ll be glued to MTV on Thursday Nights.

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One response to “I Love Cool Dance Shows!

  1. Miki

    February 11, 2008 at 12:29 am

    awesome! i will look for it! another dance show to get addicted to. i can certainly think of worse addictions. thanks for informing :>


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