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06 Jan

So, the last two weeks have been event-filled and exciting, so exciting that I totally forgot to blog. My bad.

Before my family arrived for the holidays, I decided to take a day and explore my fair city of Duluth. Armed with my camera, I drove over to historic downtown. Gwinnett County is cool for many reasons, one of them being that a majority of the cities (Norcross, Lilburn, Buford, Suwanee) have these historic centers which are basically recreations or renovated street(s) of the original towns before they became the busy places they are today. Duluth’s downtown is especially cool. Here’s a couple of pictures that I took.

christmas07-001.jpg – One day, when Lake Lanier returns, I will take a picture of the actual fountain.

christmas07-002.jpg – This is a stage. I tried to to stand on it, but there was a sign that suggested I didn’t.

christmas07-003.jpg – Santa lives in downtown Duluth and he’s double parked.

christmas07-012.jpg – So, I’m not one of those people who find graveyards incredibly cool, but this one intrigued me because it was located behind City Hall (which was a pretty modern looking building). Upon closer inspection and reading of signs posted, I found out it’s a historic cemetary where Confederate Soldiers are buried. As I walked through the graves I couldn’t help feeling that maybe I didn’t belong and I began to get the creeps. I guess it didn’t help that it was about dusk and bitterly cold and windy.

christmas07-007.jpg – There was a lot of these babies around two. They outnumbered the three American flags I found. Here’s another shot. christmas07-011.jpg

christmas07-013.jpg – After visiting the cemetary, I have a whole new perspective on Christmas wreaths.

On Christmas Eve, my family arrived. I was happy to see them… all five of them: my mom and four of my cousins. Needless to say that my two bedroom condo got a bit crowded. But once I overlooked the cold showers (I always seem to be the last to shower each morning which meant now hot water), the unwelcomed advice on how I should arranged things (like pots, pans, towels, etc.), the strategic hiding of my OUT and Genre magazines that I deliberately left out (it’s my place, I’m gay, deal with it!), and sleeping on an air mattress and then my loveseat (the air mattress sprung a leak), I was pretty happy. It was nice to have someone at home other than myself to talk to and their genuine excitement about being in Atlanta was infectious.  Here are more pictures:

christmas07-014.jpg – Does it make me a bad, African-American if I haven’t been to the MLK memorial site since I moved here? Here are couple of shot gun houses of Sweet Auburn.

christmas07-021.jpg – Here is my mom on the porch of one of the shot gun houses.

christmas07-018.jpg – The house King grew up in.

There are more pics of the family and a couple of New Year’s pics that I will try to post of my flickr page, because posting them on here is a pain. With that, I hope everyone had a great set of holidays and are ready to make 2008 a spectacular year. I know I am.

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