PC Rant

21 Nov

So, I haven’t ranted about my institution of learning in awhile which is weird since it’s just ripe for the picking. This quarter has had it’s share of challenges and this blog is about one of them.

Have you ever been taught by someone who doesn’t really enjoy teaching? Usually, it’s someone who knows something and is unwilling to part with the knowledge for the education of others (usually out of fear the student will surpass the teacher), or it’s someone who just doesn’t have the patience required to help students up the learning curve. In my academic career I’ve encounter both.

Now, I’m not the most technologically inclined person and it takes me awhile to learn and master a new “advance.” Since enrollment in PC, I’ve done pretty well so far getting comfortable with Apple, seeing as I was raised on PC, but I’ve always been leary of computer classes; afraid that I would get a teacher with one of the attributes above (because, face it, technology is a breeding ground for these types).

Anyhoo, last quarter I took an excellent, Adobe Indesign class. I learned so much, that I’m mad that I didn’t take it sooner. Coming off this euphoric success, I expected that my next foray in computer learning would be just as rewarding and smooth. Boy, was I wrong. 

Enter Adobe AfterEffects: possibly one of the most complicated programs I’ve been introduced to thus far. It’s main use is to animate stuff for broadcast television. So, I’m thinking, animation that’s cool. Yeah, it doesn’t look super easy, but I mean with a good teacher I can get through it.

Long story, short (because I’m sure you can gather where this is going), I’ve spent almost eight weeks in class, haven’t learned a damn thing, and am now trying to produce a 10 second animation for my critique which is in two weeks. My advice: Never assume that computer classes are created equal. Make sure you understand from day one if you’re going to be taught or if you going to have to learn the shit on your own. Do this and you won’t end up like me and about 25% of the my class.   


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4 responses to “PC Rant

  1. Chrissy Deem

    November 22, 2007 at 3:20 am

    You could do my project and learn more. That’s a good deal.

  2. andrearf

    November 22, 2007 at 3:27 am

    You mean one week of actually working on our projects wasn’t enough for you to master AE?! 😉 Glad I’m not the only one who felt the cloud of impending doom approach overhead….

  3. cwriter79

    November 24, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    Thanks for the offer Chrissy, but unfortunately your project has too many layers!

  4. Chrissy Deem

    November 24, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    A boo!


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