The Topic of the Day is “Hi, My Name is…”

27 Sep

Hi. My name is Ty and I’m a struggling student. Wait, go back. Let me stress the struggling part. Currently, I have about four dollars to my name and I’ve maxed out one of my credit cards. I am about to start my fifth quarter at PC and I am still working on how I’m supposed to pay for that. I’m pre-approved for a $10,000 student loan which will put me in even more debt that I’m not sure I will ever be able to pay back.

I work part-time at Super Target and just found out I’m off all next week, because “business is slow and we don’t really need as many workers right now.” Really, assholes? And, just what am I supposed to do for money, hmm? And, how are we not busy when we are just about to enter the holiday season? Needless to say, I am also looking for another job.

It’s times like these, that I almost think that it would of have been better to still be a collector. Almost. Then I remember how much I fucking hated it and wanted to kill myself everyday, but… damn, I sure do miss the money! If any of you readers have a lead on a part-time gig, flexible enough to deal with my schizophrenic school schedule, please let me know… or feel free to bitch about how broke you are as well. I’d like to feel like I’m not the only one.

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