Tourism At Home

24 Sep

So, I’m writing from St. Pete and I’m having a wonderful time catching up with folk and seeing how much things have changed around here, which leads me into my next post.

My mom, my aunt, and three of my cousins decided to do a weekend getaway to Orlando, FL: the heart of Florida tourism and the home of Mickey Mouse… well, maybe his summer home, because I hear the California home is nice, too.  Now, I’ve been to Orlando plenty of times, but each time I’m always amazed at how it always has something new and never really looks the same way twice. Inevitably, I become one of those people, pressed face first against a minivan window, who can’t stop saying what an amazing place Orlando is and how I should live here.

Amazed at this fact, I wondered if I could be tourist in my own hometown. Could I have the same sense of wonderment that I experienced in a foreign place where I reside everyday? So, when I get back to the “A,” I’m going to squander the remainder of my school break to answer this question. Maybe, I’ll bring my camera along and document some stuff and put it on here if I remember. In the meantime, here are some pictures from Orlando!

My Family and I at Arabian Nights

Cool Arabian Nights Photo#1

Cool Arabian Nights Photo#3 

Cool Arabian Nights Photo#2 

Me At Disney Quest

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