PC Rant

10 Sep

So, I’m sure all you readers have been enthralled about my blog thus far, but apparently it doesn’t cut it for some folk, namely my Blog Guardian Angel. That’s right, folks. My “angel” was ask by my blogging instructor to provide some constructive criticism on my blog. What I received was a page long email basically detailing the reasons why my blog sucks. Nice, huh?

So, in the spirit of being a good sport, I ‘ve decided to address the concerns my “angel” has about my blog in a non-combative, constructive way. Let’s begin.

1) “Your blog is very disjointed. There’s too much going on and it’s very broad. Also, it’s a tad autobiographical.”

Hmmm… well, I can see how having five theme days for the five days of a the work week (themes that never change mind you) can be kind of complicating. And I’m sure the fact that they all are centered around one central theme: being creative is even more confusing. Maybe I should cut back, drop some of themes and just focus. Done and done!

As for as my blog being autobiographical, you got me there. I guess that’s partially because it’s my blog. I’ll try not to be so stuck on myself.

2) “The word “wacky” (and other words that end in a “y”) should be avoided. Your blog title makes me think of clowns.”

Hmmm…. the word “happy” ends in a “y.” Guess you’re not fond of that one either. How about “grumpy” or “bitchy?” Do those work? In fairness, maybe the title is a little juvenile, but I try not to take myself too seriously even when I’m being serious, so I’ll think about changing the name to make it sound a little less clownish.

3) “Your blog has not stated a clear persona. At first glance, it looks like a girl’s blog.”

Hmmm… you may have a point there. Sorry, Tracie. You’re going to have to come after the “about” section. Apparently, people think you are writing my blog and while I enjoy being you sometimes (apple bottom jeans and all), I’m going to have to scale it back and settle for being plain ‘ole Ty. I just wish he had more personality though.

4) “Your posts are not engaging. They are meant for a select audience who know you and not the general public. This is not a blog I will read regularly.”

Hmmmm… well, I guess that’s fair, too. I mean I’m sure the only people who enjoy poetry, or short stories, or a good rant about the everyday struggle to be creative are people who know me.  I’m sad to see you go Guardian Angel. It’ll be hard, but I’ll try to find someone who knows me to take your place.

5) “The most compelling post on here is the poem about the absentee dad. Hardly wacky though.”

Hmmm… I think we’ve already established your disgust of the word “wacky,” but thanks for the backhanded compliment. Hey, wait  just a minute! In re-reading your email, I believe you stated that you disliked poetry. So, in light of that, do you really like this poem or is this the point where you read over your email and realized that you hadn’t said anything remotely nice at all? You know what? I’m just going to believe that you’re sincere so, thank you!

6) “Your blog is a niche blog for a selective audience. It’s playful, but I’m not going to play in a contest where there is no prize.”

Touchée! I have this tendancy to read into things and I kind of get the feeling that your last line just didn’t pertain to my trivia contest. If it did, then I apologize for reading too far in and I promise to come up with a suitable prize at a later date. Since, I’m sure you won’t be coming back, would you like me to email you an update?

In closing, here’s a photo of Tania wearing her favorite (and now, mine too) t-shirt.



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2 responses to “PC Rant

  1. Ken

    September 13, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    LOL. I enjoyed that.

    I think you should check out this blog:

    I was playing 6 degreess blogger, and see parallels.

  2. Ty

    September 14, 2007 at 12:34 am

    Thanks Ken! Yeah, I’ll check out that site. Maybe I can get some pointers on making this one better.


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