Momma’s Boy

10 Sep

So, last weekend three of my friends from back home came up to visit me. We had a great time taking in the sites. Apparently, there were two events going on downtown that mixed two groups of people togther that you wouldn’t think would mesh well: African-American gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered persons and comic book/sci-fi/fantasy fanatics. That’s right. Last weekend, downtown was the location of the annual Black Gay Pride Celebration and Dragon Con.

But, I digress. My friend Jamen and I attended a erotic poetry reading on Friday night called SpeakFire, which was a part of the gay pride celebration. There, we heard a poem from a guy calling himself Tim’m T. The poem, directed toward his strict, religious father, was declaration of his love for men. It was, hands down, one of the best poems of the entire night.

The next day, we’re walking around the host hotel for the event, checking out the vendor booths, and who should we run into but Tim’m T. He was selling his latest book called Flirting and a CD of poems and raps. Turns out not only is he a poet, he’s a motivational speaker, an author and an emcee: a part of a growing movement of gay hip-hop artists. He also is co-founder of the group, Deep Dickollective. But, I digress even further.  Long story short, I purchased a book and was again blown away by his powerful words. So much of what he has to say resonates with my spirit as creative artist (or dare I say it, artist) and as a black, gay man.

Below is an exerpt from Flirting that extols Tim’m T’s love for his mother. Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that I am a big momma’s boy and for good reason. It takes a real, strong woman to raise a man by herself. It takes a phenomenal woman to raise a black man by herself. My mom is both strong and phenomenal and I lover her to death. She has always supported me even when I’ve done my best to spite her. She loves me unconditionally and I can never say thank you enough. Love you, mom!!

Impression of Womyn: A Brothers Tribute to 3 Generations of Women in his Family

…It’s cliché to say about one’s mother that she’s my favorite girl,” so I don’t. I just note that something in her capacity to endure hardship, to smile through pain, her slips of volatility when tears sneak out, something in it all that I not only love, but aspire to be; beyond the ways the shape of my eyes or smile mirror her more as the years pass. My arms, like hers have held men who can neither hold on nor let go of the intensity with which we love. We both carry a legacy of nurturing dreams, children, and possibilities…

She is the next breath, a next Spring, a trait I hope will show up in the men of womyn I choose to try loving. She carries a softness that she selectively reveals. I too, am not a hardened human, just a mama’s boy; trying , perhaps too often not to show it.

Check out Tim’m T West y’all. He’s definitely an artist on the come-up. You won’t be disappointed.

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