The Word of The Day is “The End.”

31 Aug

Again, not just one word, but a good topic nonetheless.

The end. It seems so final, you know? It’s like a dead stop when you’re going full speed. It’s like running out of gas. It’s like hitting a brick wall. It involves loss, anguish and pain. Yeah, a post about “the end” could be really depressing. Let’s not do that.

Instead, let’s look at “the end” as “the beginning of a beginning.” Think about it. When something ends it is often the beginning of something new; the spark that ignites change. Without endings there would be no beginnings and because of it’s nature, “the end” always contains an element of hope.

With that in mind, it’s a shame that “the end” has gotten such a bad “rep”. Sure it’s the cessation of all that is familiar, comfortable, and known, but it’s also the beginning of excitement, the essence of mystery, and it’s pregnant with potential. And sure, endings can be painful and sometimes hard to embrace there is no denying that, but think how much smoother the process of acceptance would be if one enters an “ending” with knowledge or hope that something better is on the other side.


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