Once Upon A Time…

27 Aug

Thanks again to Tracie and Chrissy our story continues…

“Baby, are you-” John says.

“No, I’m not alright! I’m losing my fucking mind!” Amy screams.

“I know the feeling. You fucking scared me there for a little bit. When I couldn’t wake you up-” John starts and then chokes back a sob. “I just thought I was going to lose you forever.”

“You losing me? I’m the one that keeps loosing you! First, you’re a little man in a robot suit. Then, you’re shot by that old lady there!” Amy shrieks pointing wildly at the old lady hovering over her. “And, finally those guys,” she says nodding her head at the dark-skinned guys behind her, “blow you up!”

“Hey, we don’t know anything about a bomb,” one of the guys explains as others in the train eye them warily.

“Yes, and sweetie, I don’t even own a gun. They scare the living daylights out of me,” the old lady chimes in. At this point, the crowd begins muttering about the strange girl lying on the floor.

“Everyone, everyone. Just calm down. My girlfriend had a seizure. I’m sure all these things are just by-products of that. Everything is going to be fine. You can all go back to to your seats,” John reassures, hoisting Amy back into hers.

“John do you think I’m crazy,” Amy whispers, tears glistening in her eyes.

“Of course not, sweetheart. Look, you’re going to be fine, really!” John coos, straightening her hair. “Let me get you some tissues. Sit tight, okay?”

“Okay,” Amy says wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. She felt so stupid and childish. Of course, all the things she had said felt real, but maybe they were all just freakish nightmares. Besides she had never had a seizure before so maybe what everyone was saying was right.

She could still feel the passengers on the train staring at her, but when she’d look at them, they’d look away or pretend to do something else. “Oh great!” she thought, “Now, everyone thinks I’m mental!” Her cell phone rings and she jumps. “Calm down!” she tells herself. Grabbing her purse, she rummages around for the phone.

“Hello?” Amy answers

“Amy! Amy, is that you!” a familiar, shaking voice whispers.

“John? Is that you? What–” Amy says confused.

“There’s no time to explain. You’ve got to listen to me closely. You have got to get as far away from me as you possibly can. Do you understand?”

“What?! John, this is crazy–”

“Amy! This is very important!! Get away from me as quickly as you can! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!”

“NO! NO! I don’t understand, you just went to the bathroom! Are you breaking up with me?! If so, why are you doing it from the bathroom?”

“No, Amy. I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you that’s why you’ve got to listen to me. That guy you’re with it’s not me!”

“John, this isn’t funny,” Amy says shakily. “I know some of the stuff I said was weird, but to joke–”

“Damn it, Amy! This is no joke! The guy you are with right now is not me! It’s my evil, twin brother Josh,” John yells.

“Josh? John, you don’t have a brother.”

“Yes I do! I should of told you this a long time ago. When we were eight, my twin brother was sent away to a mental institution, but somehow he escaped–” John began, but was cut off by the loud screech of a machine being flipped on. “Oh god. Oh god, oh god! AAAAHHHHH!”

“John? John?! What’s going on? Where are you?” Amy shrieked.

“Amy! Amy! There’s no time. You’ve got to believe me, please!” John pleads through gritted teeth. She can tell that he is in excrutiating pain.

“John, just tell me where you are? Did someone grab you on the way to the bathroom?”

“Amy, I’m not in the bathroom! I’m stuffed in a garbage compactor and I can’t get out! Oh God! I’m gonna die in here, Amy!” John sobbs. Something in his voice convinces her that he’s telling he truth.

“John… John listen to me! Does your twin brother have your birthmark?”

“Uh… no. He doesn’t. I remember that was the only way anyone could tell us apart–” he says. All of sudden, Amy hears the compactor switch on again and John begins to cry uncontrollably. His cries turns to screams of pain as the machine gets louder and lounder. Suddenly, the phone goes dead.

“John? JOHN!!!!” Amy screams into the phone.

“What babe? Is everything okay?” Josh says sliding in the seat beside her.

Terrified, Amy looks away closing the phone quickly. She thinks furiously about what to do next. Pulling herself together, she turns to him, “Everythings fine.”

“Good! You even look a little less frightened. Here’s your tissues. Sorry, it took so long. There was a line when I got there. So, who was on the phone?” Josh asks.

“What? Oh, the phone! Uh, no one, no one. Just… just a wrong number.” Amy stammers. Josh looks at her questioningly for a second and asks again if she’s okay. “Yes, I’m fine!” she responds as the train begins to slow, approaching the next stop.

“Well, this is our stop,” Josh says as the train grinds to a halt. “After you.”

“No, you go first, I’m right behind you,” Amy says. After another questioning look from Josh, she lies about not wanting to see the dark-skinned guys she accused of terroism earlier as she exits the train. Josh grins, pinches her nose and makes his way up the aisle. Amy follows slowly, still struggling with the fact that John could be Josh. Knowing that there was only one way to find out, she feigns a trip, and falling foward, she grabs Josh’s cargo shorts and boxers, yanking them down to his ankles. She stares in disbelief at the unmarked surface under his left butt cheek.

“What the hell!!!!” Josh screams yanking his shorts up as others let out a gasp of surprise. He turns on Amy who is on her knees before him. The look in her eyes tells him that she knows the truth. He advances toward her and she stumbles back against the passengers behind her. Getting up quickly she pushes her way through the line of people to get to the other car exit, Josh right on her heels. She manages to get through, but as she steps out on the platform, Josh grabs her scarf and pulls her back. Choking, she undos the knot around her neck and wiggles out of it. Her first thought is to race towards the stairwell, but she finds it’s blocked by a wall a people hurrying to catch the train. Not knowing what else to do she dashes behind a column, peering around in time to see Josh step out onto the platform.

He starts searching around for her frantically, grabbing complete strangers and whirling them around. When Amy gets the opportunity she rushes down to the next pillar to hide. Eventually, the platform empties and Amy sees Josh rush up the steps into the street. Breathing a sigh of relief and keeping her eyes on the stairwell, she cautiously approaches the edge of the platform. Every now and then she pears over, hoping to see the next train coming. During one of her pearing sessions, Josh slips back down the stairwell, sees her and hides behind a column before she turns again to check.

Seeing no one, Amy relaxes a little. Josh sees his chance and lunges out from behind the platform grabbing Amy in a choke hold from behind. She struggles, noticing that even though Josh is John’s twin, he is much stronger.

“Why are you making me hurt you? Don’t you see I love you! I did all of this for you! FOR YOU! I’ll be a better boyfriend than John ever was. You’ll see!” Josh rants crazily.

“You’re fucking crazy!” Amy screams. She hears the rumbling of a train approaching. Finding her footing, she elbows Josh in the ribs hard. As he loosens his grip on her neck, she plants her feet and flips him off the platform onto the track. Picking himself up, Josh notices the train barreling down the track at him. He turns to Amy with his hand outstretched as train plows him down. Blood splatters onto Amy’s face and she stumbles back. Her vision goes blurry and she feels herself falling.

Opening her eyes, she jerks awake to find an empty train car.

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  1. Chrissy Deem

    August 29, 2007 at 12:58 am

    I’m gonna need a little bit more nudity. Poor crushed twin.


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