The Word of the Day is “Dear Diary.”

24 Aug

I actually don’t have one of these.

Okay, so technically it’s not a word per se, but physically two words. I’ve looked at this one for awhile now, trying to rack my brain for something I could and would want to write about. Finally it came to me.

Dear Diary,

This is a terrible thing to do and I’ve agonized over it for a few days, but I think that it’s best if we parted ways. I’ve entrusted to you a lot of secrets along the way and you’ve been really great at keeping them. Unfortunately, I’ve just come to the realization that not even you can keep them safe.

Let me just say it’s not you; it’s the secrets. They just won’t act right. They refuse to stay true to their nature. Deep down inside every secret wants to become common knowledge. That’s why they’re so hard to keep. They find ways to evade their keepers: a slip of the tongue, a hint of sarcasm, death. They’re crafty buggers. Even you, with your lock and key are no match. Eventually, I’ll misplace the key or the lock will be broken and someone, rifling through my “secret” places, will discover you. The potential is great that everything you hold will be brought to light, and there is not a thing you and I can do to stop it.

So, yeah, I guess this is it. I can’t continue to give secrets the satisfaction of eluding my fevered attempts to keep them. If they want to surface, so be it. They’re going to get there eventually, right? You know, if you want I can always turn you into a planner.



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2 responses to “The Word of the Day is “Dear Diary.”

  1. Becca

    August 25, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Yep, there’s no safe place for secrets, especially not a diary. I learned that at an early age when my brother told the boy across the street that I wanted to marry him and wrote out some wedding plans in my diary.I threw away my My Little Pony diary and never looked back. I can’t keep sercets about myself anyway so keeping it to myself is not an option either. 😉

  2. jaimejo19

    August 26, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    god, every time i look back at old diary entries, like from when i was thirteen or from when i first fell in love in college, it’s just painfully embarrassing.

    i just feel like screaming,”You poor idiot, you’re a bad writer and by the way, DO NOT DATE HIM!!! Bad choice!”

    but then, it’s always nice to have diaries to see how we’ve changed….


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